Polly Fletcher & Robert Arnold

Robert & Polly


Polly and Robert at Your Service

As Londoners with many years of experience and knowledge of the City, Polly and Robert specialise in short and medium stay apartments throughout London. Their concierge corporate apartment sourcing service is tailored to the requirements of the client. Having operated their own London apartments in the Kensington district until 2006, they know exactly what is required to provide […]

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Curing Your Accommodation Headache

A key part of a PA’s job role is to arrange travel and accommodation for their business executives. The success of this is predominantly down to preparation, with the ability to secure comprehensive business travel arrangements on a realistic budget. To alleviate the stress and cure the common accommodation headache when arranging a business trip […]

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Spend a Cracking Easter in London

We’ve been on the hunt for the most eggcellent events taking place across London this Easter, so to ensure that you have a cracking time, here are our top picks:    Hunt for giant ducks & Easter eggs   Set 100ft above the hustle and bustle of the capital, hop on up to The Roof […]

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The Easy Travel Checklist

Everything you need to pack, in one easy graphic! We’ve tried to build a basic list of the essential items that you’ll need to pack when you’re going away whether on business or just for leisure purposes. You can print it off and tick everything off as you pack!  

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56 Travel Hacks To Make Your Trips Go Smoothly

Travelling, whether on business or for pleasure can be a stressful experience. This bumper list of travel hacks will help your travels go as smoothly as humanly possible!

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